Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

This weeks photo challenge theme is: Habit

Smoking area

Why do we smoke? Or let me rephrase why do we keep on smoking? We blame it all on the nicotine. However the real addiction is not the drug, but the habit of lighting that cigarette. We can overcome the addiction of nicotine easily in a few weeks, but beating the habit is a little harder. All those sweet moments drinking coffee in the morning with the first cigarette of the day. Hmmm, the best. Or the one after diner. Maybe even better. Or the smell of tabacco when opening a new pack. And when you’re out of cigarettes or have quit smoking it’s on the mind all the time. A constant itch that needs scratching. Printed in our brains from years of smoking.
And every smoker knows it’s a bad habit and in their hearts they desperately want to quit. Though it won’t keep them from not lighting another one. Every smoker has a ‘good’ explanation for doing it.
I also enjoy my Chesterfields (and one day I will quit ;)). It’s often a good opportunity to socialize. For instance on the workfloor. It’s a daily ritual, the smoking break. On the photo three girls of a Dutch art company take a break in the smoking area right in front of the building, chit chatting and leaning against the front door and… smoking a cigarette of course.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

  1. Smoking is more addicting than heroin, according to some studies. Terrible habit, I’ve lost relatives to lung cancer. Glad I never started.

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